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Grimes County and Navasota Emergency Personnel continue to monitor the situation and remind all citizens to comply with Governor Abbott's Executive Order by wearing a mask in public places, practicing social distancing, good personal hygiene and avoiding groups in excess of 10 people.

Contact Navasota City Hall at 936-825-6475 or Grimes County Emergency Management at 936-873-4404 with questions.


Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

*Notice from the offices of the Grimes County Justice of the Peace

regarding evictions during COVID-19 pandmemic*

Here is the latest version of our zip code map showing the total number of COVID cases reported to us by DSHS to date.  Our total case number has finally exceeded 1000 and while this is unfortunate there are several encouraging things to point out too.  First, we have been providing free testing in four locations (Navasota, Anderson, Bedias and Todd Mission) and the total number of tests being administered at these sites have been averaging nearly 300 a day, yet our total number of positive cases have not gone up significantly as a result.  This is likely due to two factors: 1) not all being tested are from Grimes County and 2) the majority of those being tested are receiving negative test results.  Another piece of good news is that our overall active case number is still below 200 and will continue to drop as more cases go inactive and our new case numbers continue to go down as well.

We are working with DSHS and local health care providers to plan for vaccinations of all first responders and hope to begin this process shortly after the 1st of January.  The next phase after that will be for essential workers, followed by all citizens.  These vaccinations coupled with the continued use of masks, proper hygiene and social distancing will help us finally put this pandemic behind us.

David Lilly

Grimes County Emergency Services Coordinator

Map Updated as of December 22, 2020


AS OF December 22, 2020

Total County Cases 1,024
Total TDCJ Cases 667
Total Cases in Grimes County 1,691
Total City of Navasota Cases 504
Active County Cases 184
County Recovered Cases 1,487
Total Tested in Grimes Co. 16,320
Total County Deaths 41
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tdcj cases




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