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Grimes County has implemented an Emergency Notification System.  This system will be used to notify you of emergencies in your area by county officials.  Residents may choose to be contacted via cell, text or email.  You will not need to register existing home phone numbers as they are already entered into the system.  This information will not be distributed or sold to 3rd party entities. 

Click on the link below to Register Your Cell Phone and/or Email Address


Emergency Management Services Coordinator

David Lilly


Mailing Address:

P. O. BOX 593



Phone: 936-873-4404

Grimes County residents are eligible to apply with FEMA for federal aid if they suffered damages from Februrary 2021 severe winter storm. Click here for more information.

The last day to apply for assistance for this disaster was May 20, 2021.

To check the status on your claim, visit

If you sustained damage from snow and ice during the winter storms and you have insurance, contact your insurance company and then FEMA. Your insurance claim information is needed to determine eligibility for federal assistance.

FEMA programs do not pay for fuel or cover food losses. If you have immediate needs for food or shelter, you may contact 2-1-1 for local resources. Applicants are required to inform FEMA of all insurance coverage such as flood, homeowners, renter's, etc. that may be available to them. Insured applicants must provide FEMA documentation such as an insurance settlement or denial letter to process their application.

    disaster assistance
    For any community members who believe they are positive or symptomatic for COVID-19, we recommend the following:
    - If you are having a medical emergency please visit the closest emergency room or contact 911. If possible, please notify the emergency room that you are on your way so they can prepare for your arrival. Emergency room staff and physicians will screen patients and make a determination if testing for COVID-19 is necessary based on guidelines by the CDC.
    - If you are not having an emergency, but have symptoms that you would like to be seen for, please contact your primary care physician and tell your provider that you have or may have coronavirus-like symptoms. Your primary care physician will make recommendations on testing for COVID-19.
    - If you are unable to contact your primary care provider or don’t have a primary care provider and would like to be seen in an urgent care, CHI St. Joseph Health has set up a respiratory clinic in South College Station for the treatment and care of patients who are experiencing respiratory-related symptoms. The CHI St. Joseph Health Respiratory Clinic is located at 4421 Hwy 6 South, Ste. 100, College Station, Texas 77845. Physicians and staff will screen patients and make a determination if testing for COVID-19 is necessary based on guidelines by the CDC.
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