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Next meeting will be held on Monday, October 14, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

in the Commissioner's Courtroom.


Historical Commission Officers 2017-2019

Chairman - Al Peeler

Vice-Chairman - Susan Boudreaux

Secretary  - Vanessa Burzynski

Treasurer -Janice Trant

Historical Commission Members

Margaret Bailey

Susan Boudreaux

Vanessa Burzynski

Katherine Lee

Betty Dunn

Joe King Fultz

Joe Fauth III

Bob Goldstein

Preston Goode

John Maxwell

Jill Meyers

Rusty Meyers

Joy Montgomery

Robin Montgomery

Sarah Nash

Al Peeler

Janice Trant

Denise Upchurch

Maryann Waters

Hazel Weidman

Jim Westmoreland



Fanthorp Inn

Washington on the Brazos


Texas Historical Commission Searchable Marker Database by County 

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