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Strategic Plan Items

  Strategic Plan - Priorities  
Item  Issue Assigned to Term
1. Improved 2-way radios for EMS Judge Fauth Short-term 5-6 weeks
2. Better Internet speed Judge Fauth Long-term 2-3 yrs
3. Internet reach / service to all of County Comm. Dobyanski Long-term 2-3 yrs
4. County website updates Judge Fauth Complete
5. Enforce Burn Ban Comm. Cox Complete
6. County Animal Shelter Comm. Dobyanski Long-term 1-2 yrs
7. Digitize county records Judge Fauth Long-term 4-5 yrs
8. Promotion of countywide events Comm. Walker Complete
9. Enforcement of weights and loads on county roads Comm. Dobyanski Complete
10. Reactivate 391 Commission Judge Fauth TBD
11. Construction of new county facilities Comm. Cox & Comm Mallett Long-term 1-2 yrs
12. More EMS Comm. Walker & Comm. Mallett Continuous review
13. Retrieve tax dollars from oil drilling for roads Comm. Dobyanski Complete
14. Lower property taxes for those over 65 Judge Fauth TBD
15. Merit-based pay system Comm. Cox Complete
16. Establish priority system for road repair/paving Comm. Dobyanski Annual review
17. Better connection between high schools & technical schools Comm. Mallett Continuous review
18. Build stronger communication across all county services Comm. Walker Complete
19. County-wide Directory of Resources Judge Fauth Complete
20. Subdivision codes / zoning and enforcement of codes regarding development Complete
21. Hire a county Animal Control Officer TBA
22. Better compensation for retaining top employees Complete
23. Better online security for county offices Complete
24. 4-Way traffic light SH 90 and FM 1696 TBA
25 Pave new roads   TBA
26. Code enforcement of garbage dumping   TBA
27. Employment / Job Placement programs   TBA
28. Health inspection of Food Services   TBA
29. Keep parks and green space a priority in development plans   TBA
30. Better supervision / better quality road crews   Complete
31. Provide better software to county employees   Complete
32. Branding of Anderson as County Seat   TBA
Provide transit for elderly and disabled
34. Create Rural Emergency Department   TBA
35. Senior center with adult care programs   TBA
36. Building fire code enforcement TBD
37. Major improvements of existing County facilities Ongoing 
38. Improve Mental Health Services Complete  
39. Widen FM 1774 from Todd Mission to Plantersville Comm. Dobyanski  
40. Branding of County Slogan   TBA
41. Citizen Trade School for Professions   TBA 
42. Farmer's Market Complete
43. Better online security in general Complete
44. Hire a Grant Writer   TBA
45. Community Homeless / Transition Living Shelter   TBA
46. Increase Wild Hog Management efforts   TBA
47. Review County waterways for recreational use   TBA
48. Lower speed limits on HWY 90 and FM 1696 TxDot  
49. Cut limbs on county roads Ongoing 
50. Decentralized medical clinics / ensure medical care across whole county   TBA 
51. Better involvement of Boys and Girls Club   TBA
52. Emergency Operations Center   Complete 
53. Navasota River Park   TBA
54. Centralized County Register   Complete 
55. Decentralize some County positions   TBA 
56. Recycling Center   TBA
57. Work to provide better healthcare options to poor citizens Complete with continuous review 
58. Expand County business hours   Complete  
59. Consolidated Polling Places   TBA
60. Secondary 911 Dispatch   TBA
61. Park programs for youth and seniors
62. New Citizen Directory / information just for new residents    Complete  
63.. County-wide information in Spanish   Complete 
64. Water Treatment Plant   TBA
65. Move asphalt equipment into area instead of dumping / spreading   TBA
66. Create Advisory Panel   TBA 
67. Hire a County Manager   TBA

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