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Meeting Notices

The Grimes County Bail Bond Board meets on the 3rd Thursday in January, April, July and October.


Bail Bond Board Members 

  • County Attorney Jon C. Fultz
  • Assistant County Attorney Cori Mooney
  • Assistant District Attorney David Armbruster
  • County Judge Joe Fauth
  • County Court at Law Judge Tuck McLain
  • County Clerk Vanessa Burzynski
  • County Treasurer Tom Maynard
  • County Sheriff Don Sowell
  • District Clerk Diane LeFlore
  • District Judge Gary Chaney
  • Jail Administrator Lisa Bates
  • Justice of the Peace #2 Lester Underwood
  • Justice of the Peace #3 Mark Laughlin
  • City of Navasota Municipal Judge Pat Gruner
  • Bail Bond Representative Clint Capps (Capps Bail Bonds)


Bail Bond Board Officers 2022-2023


Chairman:  David Dobyanski


Secretary: Lisa Bates


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